ALGO PAN is a 100% organic, plant-based liquid biostimulant derived from Ascophyllum nodosum, activating enzyme processes within plants, enhancing synthesis processes, and enabling plants to more effectively counter abiotic and biotic stresses.


• Improved photosynthesis process
• Faster and better stoma opening
• Better nutrient uptake
• Increased floral hormone production
• Increased fruit quality and quantity
• Uniformity of fruit
• Better leaf and root metabolism
• Intensive plant growth
• Protection against insects, bugs and parasites

Areas of application:

• Agriculture
• Sports fields
• Vineyards

The product can be applied to drainage channels, lagoons, manure rooms, etc. on a daily basis

Our Awards

It's important to us that our ideas, vision and mission are recognized by the expert community, which is why we were honored with the 2018 AUREA Investment Award of the Year
All products are registered in Directorate for plant protection of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Serbia and approved for use in organic production.
This confirms not only our innovative approach in extraction technology, but also the potential to develop a more responsible way of doing business in both agriculture and ecology.


100% organic

no affect to the ecosystem

highly effective


Increase in crop yield


Increase in plant root length


Increase in grape sugar content

Our products

Our products are natural biostimulators based on brown seaweed that activate biochemical and enzymatic processes in the plant and improve the results of synthesis and metabolism.