Sports Fields
The application of our Algo products on sports fields offers numerous benefits to enhance plant performance and overall appearance. The biostimulant treatment effectively prevents or minimizes the occurrence of stress, promoting the restoration of plant metabolism. As a result, grass treated with our Algo products showcases significant advantages over untreated areas. One of the key improvements observed is in soil performance, particularly in water retention. The alginic acid present in the algae extract binds with metal radicals in the soil, forming organic polymers that retain the right amount of moisture. This enables better control of the water balance in regions with dry climates, addressing the fundamental challenge of plant moisture saturation. Furthermore, the biostimulatory effect of our algae-based products contributes to enhanced color, density, uniform leaf growth, and intense flowering. Algo products play a crucial role in maintaining the plants' immune system at its highest level, preventing diseases, pests, and abiotic stresses like water scarcity, cold, and hail. Experience the benefits of improved water retention, lush and vibrant greenery, and robust plant health, ensuring optimal playing surfaces and landscape aesthetics.

Main advantages

• Stimulation of natural plant metabolism

• Resistance of the plant to limitation of nutrients and means of protection

• Strengthening the immunity of the plant (resistance to diseases and pests)

• Accelerates plant recovery from stress (drought, cold, wind, hail, etc.)

• Stimulates plant recovery after physical damage

• Active development of the root system

• Better leaf / root metabolism

• Efficient use of fertilizers due to better and faster regulation of stoma opening

• Reduced use of artificial fertilizers and protective agents, and therefore to lower costs of their purchase

• Safe and effective fertilization


Treatment should be carried out twice a month at 15-day intervals in the following concentration.
1L of product mixed with 200-300 litres of water for 1 ha
13.5 fl oz of product mixed with 40-60 gallons of water for 1 acre
After mowing, the grass should be treated with Algo products to help overcome physical stress. After sporting events, the grass should be treated with Algo products to help overcome physical stress. These treatments should be done the same day, or no later than the next day.



Percentage Increase in Turf Resilience


Number of sports fields


Accelerated Turf Recovery Time

Our products

Our products are natural biostimulators based on brown seaweed that activate biochemical and enzymatic processes in the plant and improve the results of synthesis and metabolism.