Our 100% organic fertilizers offer exceptional advantages for your grapevines. Our cutting-edge formula empowers plants with high resistance to both biotic and abiotic stresses, ensuring a lush vegetative appearance, uniform fruits up to 95%, and a balanced ratio of sugars, phenols, and active substances in every fruit. Experience a flourishing vineyard with our organic fertilizers' incredible effects: increased production of flowering hormones, improved germination, and more fertile pollen grains for superior berry formation during early growth. Witness accelerated fruit growth leading to larger yields of uniform size and superior quality. Its application enhances the content of total phenols in treated grape varieties, boosting the total antioxidant capacity significantly. Studies highlight the positive effects of phenolic compounds in grapes and wine, benefiting cardiovascular health.

Main advantages

• Increased plant resistance to a-biotic and biotic stress
• Positive effect on better leaf surface development
• Improved photosynthesis process
• Faster and better stoma opening
• Better nutrient uptake
• Increased floral hormone production

• Increased fruit quality and quantity
• Uniformity of fruit
• Better leaf and root metabolism
• Intensive plant growth
• Protection against insects, bugs and parasites


Treatment should be carried out twice a month at 15-day intervals in the following concentration.
1L of product mixed with 200-300 litres of water for 1 ha
13.5 fl oz of product mixed with 40-60 gallons of water for 1 acre
After mowing, the grass should be treated with Algo products to help overcome physical stress.



Number of vineyards


Percentage increase in grape sugar content

2 million

Bottles per annum of produced wine

Our products

Our products are natural biostimulators based on brown seaweed that activate biochemical and enzymatic processes in the plant and improve the results of synthesis and metabolism.