Wastewater treatment
Our product Algo Composter revolutionizes wastewater treatment by seamlessly integrating with ecosystems, nourishing existing microorganisms, and accelerating vital processes. Unlike conventional methods, our solution enhances indigenous microorganisms, promoting organic waste decomposition and pathogen defense. Our seaweed-based product employs innovative biochemical degradation, reducing organic sludge volume and toxicity by 40%. By activating and boosting microbiological processes, Algo Composter revitalizes water bodies and improves wastewater treatment efficiency. Unlike time-intensive conventional approaches requiring large tanks, Algo Composter's inclusive nature heightens metabolic rates of diverse microorganisms during fermentation, elevating treatment plant effectiveness. Algo Composter redefines wastewater treatment by harmonizing with nature, enhancing indigenous microorganisms, and accelerating processes, paving the way for swift, efficient, and eco-friendly water management.

Main advantages

• Reduction of wastewater storage capacity

• Reducing the amount of solid residue as a result of microbiological decomposition

• Reduced disposal costs

• Improved aerobic fermentation

• Dramatic reduction of unpleasant odors (ammonia and sulfur dioxide) in lagoons

• Eliminate and reduce the causes of pollution

• Reduce the amount of harmful substances and take steps to reuse natural resources

• A decrease in odor (ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans), within the first hour

• Activation of microbiological processes, feeding and protecting positive microorganisms that provide the process of fermentation and decomposition of organic waste

• Reduction of pathogenic micro flora

• Decomposition of organic matter and reduction of toxicity

• Decreasing heavy metals into environmentally safe forms


Algo Composter is used as a biocatalyst and serves to activate and accelerate biological activity.
1L of product/3-5m3
33.5 Fl oz of product/10-16 feet3
Algo products are effective for forestry, utility companies, mines, pond owners, environmental organizations and so on.



Removal of Heavy Metals


Reduction in Sludge Production


Odor reduction from sewer channels

Our products

Our products are natural biostimulators based on brown seaweed that activate biochemical and enzymatic processes in the plant and improve the results of synthesis and metabolism.