Our product, Algo Fast, harnessed from brown seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum, presents a compelling ecological alternative for cannabis cultivation, demonstrating a remarkable influence on elevating the synthesis of bioactive compounds and biomass production. Strategically applying Algo Fast during pivotal stages such as seed germination, transplanting, vigorous vegetative growth, and flowering cultivates an economically viable production with a concurrent emphasis on superior product quality. Algo Fast, a potent concentrated extract rooted in the brown seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum, boasts a composition rich in potassium and nitrogen. The advantages of Algo Fast are underscored by its dynamic array of active components, encompassing accessible plant hormones and essential trace elements (Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, Ca, Mg, Na, S, etc.), synergistically combined with nitrogen and notably potassium. This composition positions Algo Fast as a highly effective and indispensable bio-stimulant.

Main advantages

• Increased antibacterial potential

• Increased essential oils

• Increased phenolic compounds and leaf antioxidant action

• Increased plant mass and root system

• Increased the economic benefits

• Reduced vegetative period

• Uniform plant maturation

• Increased plant resistance to stress

• Reduced or complete elimination of pesticides and other protective agents

• Potentially increased soil fertility


The application of our products in seed germination, transplanting, intensive vegetative growth and flowering allows the producer to increase the economic benefits of production with high-quality products.
1L of product mixed with 200-300 litres of water for 1 ha
13.5 fl oz of product mixed with 40-60 gallons of water for 1 acre
If the plant is stressed at any stage of growth, ALGO FAST Biostimulator is recommended to speed up the healing process.



Increase in Cannabinoid Levels


Reduction in Harmful Substances


Crop Yield Improvement

Our products

Our products are natural biostimulators based on brown seaweed that activate biochemical and enzymatic processes in the plant and improve the results of synthesis and metabolism.